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Why Fantasia Customers Are Excited About
“LOVE TO BAKE” Pastry Cookbook….

I am so pleased to know that the wonderful work that Ernest Weil has contributed to the enjoyment of so many San Franciscans will not be lost! Who can forget the Sacher Torte???? And of course the beloved Coffee Crunch Cake....
Best regards, Karletta

My grandfather is a baker and he's been talking about the fantasia bakery for years. I would love to buy it for him when it comes out.
Thanks, Ben

Oh, how I remember those coffee crunch cakes! Also, the lemon crunch, too, don't forget that one!! Mystery solved: NOW I know why my mom patronized Fantasia Bakery so much in later years....she was following "the good stuff." The best of luck with this wonderful idea....
Thanks, Bess

I LOVED the cookies from FANTASIA. After I had my 2nd baby I told my husband not to bring me candy just Fantasia cookies. The store was close by as I was in Children's hospital. That was 1957.
Thanks, J

What wonderful news that you are willing to share your love. The crunch cake was wonderful and Sweet Stop does a pretty good version so we can still enjoy that. But the Sacher torte, how we miss it! No matter what recipe or bakery I try, they're just not right. Can't wait to get (make) the real thing.
Thanks so much, Olga

I want to thank you all for the sheer delight of the coffee crunch cake. It is one of my favorites
(I am a professed chocoholic but the coffee crunch cake rates on the same level as great chocolate cakes!) and the favorite of many of my 5 siblings, as well! I'm interested in the book, my sister may also be interested. To all of you in the Weil family, thanks for satisfying our taste buds all these years! We appreciate you!

My two favorite childhood deserts were the Blum's Coffee Crunch Cake and the Florentine cookies. It was always a wonderful surprise to see my mom setting one of the pink boxes down on the kitchen table upon her return home from shopping, knowing that the cake or the cookies were inside. How amazing that the two desserts were created by the same baker! I never new about that link between Blum's and Fantasia…. Ernest, thank you so much for so many great memories of family meals that were made special by your wonderful desserts!
Best regards, Jud