Frozen Chocolate Soufflé |PDF (16KB) - JPEG (348KB)|
"A cold chocolate soufflé is among the most glorious finales to an elegant dinner or meal.... Fantasia's cold chocolate souffle contains bits of orange rind.... The inclusion of orange cuts the sweetness and avoids boredom. Of course, the balance must be perfect and it is on this one."
Jack Shelton, San Francisco Magazine 1973 - complete story on page 214 in the book

Coffee Butter Cookies |PDF (15KB) - JPEG (256KB)|
These cookies were one of the family favorites. A buttery cookie with the perfect amount of coffee added to create a deliciously rich flavor. They will melt in your mouth.

Chocolatissimo |PDF (61KB) - JPEG (339KB)|
This is a cake for major chocolate lovers! Bittersweet chocolate, heavy whipping cream, butter, sugar, nuts, eggs - no flour. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and bake it for your family and friends. We are sure the reviews will be fabulous!

Linzer Torte |PDF (62KB) - JPEG (473KB)|
This is an old family recipe passed down from Ernest's mother. A slightly spiced, nutty dough that blends perfectly with either Raspberry or Apricot jam as the filling. Once you eat one piece, you keep coming back for just a little bit more. Then... it's gone!

Lace Cookies |PDF (56KB) - JPEG (306KB)|
Thin, crisp, and delicious. The perfect blend of brown sugar and butter, creating a flavor that will delight your taste buds.