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Dear Love To Bake Cookbook Visitors:
We are sold out of printed copies of the book. To download your own personal copy of Love To Bake Pastry Cookbook please see the step by step instructions below, but first, please read the following agreement. Thank you.

I understand that, 100% of "the cost" of downloading the cookbook will go directly to nonprofit organizations serving children and youth in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.
Love To Bake is providing this download to me with the understanding that I will not share it with anyone.
If my friends would like numerous recipes, I will gladly
direct them to the website.
I understand directing others to the website will help
raise more resources for the fabulous organizations
helping children and youth.
I also understand that all images, drawings, quotes, stories, and recipes in this book are protected by copyright. I will not reproduce or sell any portion of this book in any format other than the one time print out of my personal copy of
Love To Bake Pastry Cookbook.

Direct Donation (Recommended)
1) Pick one of the children's organizations listed on this site, click on their link and make a $25 donation directly to the organization

2) Forward a copy of the receipt you receive to: home@lovetobakecookbook.com

3)You will then receive an email with the heading: Love To Bake Cookbook Download

4) Enjoy baking all the delicious recipes!

Forwarded Check Payment
1) To have access to download the book you will need to contribute $25.00, which will be forwarded to a nonprofit organization of your choice.

2) At our website, click on Kids Organizations under
Helping Kids.

3) Review list of organizations, select one, and make your check payable to the organization of your choice from our list.
(We will forward the check to the nonprofit of your choice.)

4) MAIL the check to:

Sandy Weil
Love To Bake
1032 Irving #515, SF, CA 94122

5) Enclose your email address and phone number with
your check (PRINT CLEARLY).

6) Once we receive your check AND contact information,
we will contact you with your password. Once you have your password you can download the book here.


8) This is a 248 page book with color images, the download should take 5-10 minutes on Cable/DSL depending on your connection speed.

If you want to give a download as a gift OR print out a copy (paper or CD) for a gift, PLEASE provide an additional $25 for each use and receive our permission. Thank you.

You may decide not to print out the whole book (save trees) and instead, just print out the recipes you are interested in baking. You can read Ernest Weil's story and history of Fantasia on your computer or print it out. If you print out color pictures we recommend photo quality high grade paper to ensure beautiful color photo's.

Thank you for helping us raise funds for
these great organizations.
Feel free to share your baking experiences with us.
Happy baking,
Ernest Weil & Family

PS - The nonprofit organization you have chosen will acknowledge receiving your check within a few weeks.